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tv   Theresa May Fields Questions From Parliament  CSPAN  July 19, 2017 10:10pm-10:55pm EDT

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business district but it was. there were stores owned by black, white, you name it. a lot of people did a lot of business here. they didn't have to leave the community. before you knew it a rock was thrown, looting occurred and fire started. it wasn't just black folks. it was integrated. >> join us for a live american history tv special on the 50th anniversary of the 1967 detroit riots live sunday starting at noon eastern on american history tv on c-span3. >> wednesday british prime minister fielded questions from members of the house of commons in the last question time before parliaments summer recess.
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this is 45 minutes. >> order! questions to the prime minister. mr. jeffrey robinson. >> thank you, mr. speaker. as we approach recess i am sure the members from all sides wish to thank this house for their dedication to our work in what has been a particularly challenging year.
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i >> where -- i wonder could you find time to visit from the free labor? thanks to the professionalism and bravery of people like elizabeth brian, an off-duty nurse from cambridge, who ran help at the scene of the market attack and who is with us in the gallery today. the attacks will never succeed because we are united in defending values that define our nation. meetings with >> we spoke about defending our values but i wonder, could you find time to visit coventry, welcome from the three labor mps, and the recent general election by itself. on a serious note, designated national center for research and development controls for driverless vehicles and consider an appropriate location for her own government. >> i am grateful, happy to visit
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west midlands but particularly pleased under its new mayor. doing a very good job. he message -- this country's leader in automated vehicles, building a strong economy, what government is doing. show less text 00:03:3>> thank. last week national health service was judged a best healthcare system. best, safest, most affordable in france, germany, norway, sweden, switzerland and in this house we focus on the negative and the labour party weapon eyes the area. will my right honorable friend when he stands congratulate the skills, dedication. and skills, dedication and hard
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work they have put in for high standards. >> i am very happy to congratulate all those nhs stars who are delivering fantastic service and made the nhs once again -- this isn't the first time, the number one health system in the world. and we are determined to continue to enable a high level of service which is provided between 2015 to 2020, we will be investing half 1 trillion pounds in our nhs. >> mister speaker, i join the prime minister in thinking staff for all the work they do over
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year around. they are fantastic, supportive, and great for the public to come here. i thank them for everything they do. i join the prime minister in thanking our emergency services for the way they coped with the terrible emergencies we have had in the last few months and i those communities such -- coming together to oppose those who tried to divide us as a community and people. the emergency services protecting people from the flood they suffered, we rely on those services. mister speaker, the chancellor said this week some public service -- servants are overpaid. the prime minister had to administer to a squabbling cabinet, does she think the chancellor was talking about her own ministers?
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>> can i first of all, the emergency services, recognizing the way in which after the terrible terrorist attacks we have seen and the fire, the way in which we have seen communities come together and support those who seem victims of the terrible incidents who have taken place and i was pleased to visit after the attack took place and the work that had been done in that community and the work over that night in working among his constituents to assure the community came together after that terrible attack. in terms of public sector pay, i recognize that i said when i stood on downing street a year ago that there are some people in our country who are managing, that covers people in the public
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sector and some in the private sector and why it is important the government take steps to help those on lowest income through the national living wage, why we have taken many people paying income tax, and taxpayers under this government have seen a tax cut, the equivalent of 1000 pounds, that of the conservative government. >> i think the prime minister for what she said about my community but my question was about whether the chancellor said public service workers are overpaid or not. the reality in this country is simply this. a nurse starts on 23,000. police officers 22,800, job center, 15,000 that i had a letter from sarah who wrote to me from a sister-in-law who is a nurse, quote, she has sacrificed her health for the caring of
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others. she has had a pay freeze for the last five years. only her dedication for her vocation keeps her going. why is this happening? what does the prime minister say to sarah and others working in the nhs? >> what i say to sarah and those in the national health service is we recognize the excellent work they are doing, we recognize the sacrifice and others have made in the last seven years.
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that sacrifice has been made because we had to deal with the biggest deficit in the labor government. as we look at public sector pay, being fair to public-sector workers, protecting jobs and being fair to those who pay for them. the right honorable gentlemen seems to think it is possible to go around promising people more money and promise that nobody is ever going to have to pay for it. he and i do value public-sector workers. we value public-sector services. on this side of the house we know you have to pay for them >> finding money to pay for the support. her government has been in office. the conservatives have been in office for 84 months. 52 of those months have seen a real falling wages and income in our country and in the last premises question time before the general election the prime minister said, quote, every vote for me is a vote for a strong economy with benefits felt by
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everyone across the country. that is the prime minister agree you cannot have a strong economy when 6 million people earning less then a living wage? >> when you can't have a strong economy is when you adopt labour party policies of half 1 trillion pounds extra borrowing which would mean more spending, more borrowing, higher prices, higher taxes and fewer jobs. the labor government crashed the economy, the conservative government has come in, more investment.
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>> a check with reality on this. [shouting] >> one in eight workers in the united kingdom, 3.8 million people in work, living in poverty. 55% of people in poverty in working households. the prime minister's lack of touch with reality goes like this. low pay in britain is holding people back at a time of rising housing costs, rising food prices and rising transport costs. it threatens people, living standard and consumer debt and falling saving, why doesn't the prime minister understand low pay is a threat to an already weakening economy?
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>> the best route out of poverty is through work and what we now see is -- >> order! order! order! a question has been asked, the prime mister's mass -- however long it takes, it will be heard. >> the best route out of poverty is through work. that is why it is so important over the last seven years we have seen 3 million more jobs in the economy. we see many thousands of people in households with work rather than workless households. more children brought up in a household where there is work rather than failure to have work. what is important for government is to ensure to support people, we created the national living wage. when did the labour party introduce national living wage? never believes that the conservative government.
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>> the minimum wage with opposition from the conservative party. wages are lower than they were ten years ago and the prime minister has been in office for just one year, during that time disposable income has fallen by 2%. the economic consequences of austerity are very clear and so are the social consequences. life expectancy stalling for the first time in 100 years. today, the iss forecast income any quality is going to get worse and child poverty will rise to 5,000,000 x 2022. >> order! members are shouting, shouting excessively. they must calm themselves, take
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some sort of soothing medicine. >> i will try to help the honorable member. that is the prime minister not realize that her talk of a strong economy doesn't remotely match the reality that millions of people face with low wages and poverty? >> the right honorable gentlemen is wrong in some of the fact he is putting forward. inequality is down, life expectancy is continuing to rise but what we know in terms of a strong economy, what will not deliver a strong economy is policies of more borrowing, spending, higher taxes, and what the right honorable gentlemen living beyond its means, making future generations pay for his mistakes. the conservatives will never do that. >> children living in poverty, their homelessness does not rise
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every year. i look around the front bench, mister speaker and the a cabinet bickering and back fighting while the economy gets weaker. mister speaker, the economy -- >> order! the honorable gentlemen is gesticulating in a distinctly eccentric matter and he must stop doing so. shakespeare's county deserves better. >> the reality is wages are falling. the economy is slowing. the construction sector in recession. trade deficit widening and we face crucial brexit negotiations. this divided government is
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unable to give this country the leadership it so desperately needs to deal with these issues. >> i will tell you the reality, he is always talking britain down and we are leading britain forward. let's look at the record of the conservatives in government, 3 million more jobs, 4 million people paying income tax altogether, 30 million people with a cut in their income tax. record numbers of people in employment, record numbers of women, deficit cut, inequality down, record levels of foreign investments. that is a record to be proud of, a conservative government. >> the honorable gentlemen knew how popular he was. >> the black country flag has been attacked on the other side of the chamber in recent days. will the prime minister join me in congratulating gracie shepard who designed the flag when she was 12 years old reflecting our industrial heritage and does she agree the latest figures showing
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west midland is the fastest growing part of the country, shows once again that this is a great place to do business. >> as my honorable friends that he is right, the black country remains a great place to do business and i would like to congratulate gracie on designing that flag at the age of only 12 years and i am sure she and others have been surprised at the attitudes, i commend my honorable friends and my other honorable friend in the black country for the work they are doing to promote the black country is a great place to do busine)g >> thank you, does the prime minister believe her government
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could my right honorable friends confirm the dramatic increase of people from disadvantaged backgrounds going to universities and can she give anyone that should apologize for misleading the british prime minister? >> it is very important as people think about going to university who are not misled in any way, more disadvantage 18-year-olds, the leader of the opposition said exactly the opposite and apologized for having said that.
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the labour party should go further, the leader of the opposition vowed to deal with students at. labor can't be trusted on student fees. >> the lack of job security. and empathy for millions of workers and secure work, and six jobs centered to back off of the staff in my constituency where unemployment is twice the national average. >> i start by welcoming the honorable gentlemen. what is happening in scotland, dwb is ensuring, the best advantage and as a result of what is happening, no service is
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going to be cut. people using job centers will be harmed in future. what matters is provided to people attending those job -- show less text 00:24:3>> thank . our own armed forces put themselves in challenging situations. they support them, i welcome the launch of the fence people's mental health. tell the house how to coordinate this with international allies, i issue her well-deserved break. >> the issue is an important one. across the house we recognize the importance of ensuring we are providing support to those in our services and our veterans.
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i welcome the new strategy for mental health and well-being in the armed forces, and also like to pay tribute to the tireless work on the issue of mental health of my honorable friend, the members of plymouth all, who has been working since he came into the house on this issue but my honorable friend raises an important issue. it is not just us in the uk but we need to work internationally on this which is why we launched the strategies, the secretary of state launched this is an international conference in australia, canada and new zealand. we will all campaign against stigma around mental health so members of armed forces and veterans can get the health they need.
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>> in liverpool my constituency, 40% of children growing up in poverty with schools closing this weekend local support services, austerity bites and kids don't get fed. the prime minister's mission is to make britain a country that works for everyone. going this summer in liverpool. >> the place in this house, right that it is important that we look at the provision, house and poverty. the best way we can deal with poverty is to get into the workplace and to ensure there are other jobs being provided in the workplace and the future. >> a young woman who gave evidence in a horrific child sexual exploitation case is living in fear, the perpetrator received 22 year sentences about to be released early.
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a victim, too often overlooked and every -- victims should be consulted for perpetrators. >> an important issue my honorable friend raised, child sexual exploitation is absolutely horrified crime that takes place, victims are going to come forward to report this abuse is a need to know they will have the support and confidence to do that and be confident in their future security and safety, the contract scheme will treat
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victims properly and consideration given to victim related conditions. if she would like to write to the secretary with detailed in this case and look at it very carefully. repeatedly to answer the -- to meet the opposition. a supported weekend by his own cabinet colleagues that the chancellor said to the public sector what they were overpaid so can she tell the house and the country and public-sector workers which ones are overpaid, which when she thinks are underpaid and what she is going to do about it. >> i recognize there will be people working in the public sector who do find license struggles and in the private
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sector who are in the same place as well. i also say to the honorable ask gentlemen, people working in the public sector are well paid. >> i also say we need to ensure, being fair to workers, protecting jobs and pay for the public sector, and gives the board to people to ensure they keep more of the money they earn. that is why we believe in cutting taxes. >> the government is under predictable pressure on public-sector pay and public-sector spending which we would like to respond to if it was sensible to respond to some of these demands but does my right honorable friend agree that the only way in which a responsible government can actually increase public-sector
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pay is if we restore to this country strong economic growth and fiscal balance sheet, the biggest threats toward achieving either of those, and putting barriers, and a hard left, old-fashioned. >> a former chancellor is here. expertise on this particular issue. we need to get a good] deal in the leader of the opposition and shadow chancellor, the opportunity of putting it into practice will not lead to more money for nurses or national health service or public sector. it would lead to higher borrowing, higher spending, higher taxes, jobs going, higher prices, higher taxes for people and available for health service. >> does the prime today and as we know taxpayers are bearing 20% of the tax burden. that is higher than it any year under the labor government.
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>> nhs england, mental health, private hospital in my constituency which recently received a damning see qc report, not least because the younger woman with open wounds,
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does my prime ministers share the concern, risk the nhs placing vulnerable young people in unsafe environments. will she consider giving nhs england the responsibility and resources to investigate the quality of care before the commission? >> a significant point. we are boosting the funding, across the picture in terms of dealing with mental health, and taking steps to improve mental health but raised a particular case which i think everyone would be concerned to hear and i would ensure the secretary of state look into which he raised.
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>> and the caliphate. provide commitments to apply international law and bring prosecutions against those who partner with them. we find them and hold them accountable. >> my right honorable friend is are brought to justice, we have done good work in the united kingdom to actually be able to see the evidence used in prosecution. we want to do this work internationally through the united nations and it is an issue that yesterday i was speaking about and work with them or others. show less text 00:37:5>> does e the increase has tragic consequences for families in constituencies like mine.
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what with the prime minister do across this house to find solutions to this blights on young lives including looking at the budget for policing? >> can i welcome the report into income inequality in the uk shows that labor propaganda repeated during the general election that the income gap between rich and poor has
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increased every year. >> you are absolutely right. the report clearly shows what you said today. as we know, the top 1% of taxpayers are bearing 27% of the tax burden and that is a higher burden than any year under the labor government. >> nhs and adolescent mental health beds at a private hospital receiving a damaging report. the ctc found the hospital was unsafe because they found a woman with open wounds on the openwa open ward. they place vulnerable young
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people in unsafe environments. will you consider giving the responsibility to investigate the quality of care before the commission? >> we are boosting the funding going into the mental health and international health service. we are taking a number across government in terms of dealing with mental health and taking a number of steps with mental health. but she raised a very particular case which i am sure everybody around the house would have been concerned to hear and i would ensure the secretary of state looks into the case she gave. >> that is a wrap. >> they failed to deliver a fictional cal fight. do you agree our international partners must apply international law and bring prosecution against isis fighters and those accused of
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pa partnering with them making it clear we will find them and hold them accountable. we want to do this work internationally through the united nations and it is an issue that in fact yesterday i spoke to the prime minister of iraq and we want to work with them and others to send the clear message my honorable friend identified. >> sarah james? >> does the prime minister agree the increase has tragic consequences for families in constituencies like mine. what with the prime minister do across this house to find solutions to this blights on young lives including looking at the budget for policing?
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>> i welcome the honorable lady to the house to her place in the house. and a very good chief of staff appointed. this issue, it is a very serious issue, the government has been taking a tough circumstance, we have done this in a variety of ways. you are likely to go to prison but we recognize there is more to do in this area, my right honorable friend the home secretary, including restricting the online one, there is more for us to do. and dangerous or offensive
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weapons on private property. we recognize we need to do more than the secretary is doing. show less text 00:39:18 unidentified speaker >> before the election the government committed to removing the faith-based for preschools and the election manifesto. up and down the country, they are anxious to open free schools and purchase sites. will the prime minister commit her government to honoring a solemn pledge in our own manifesto? >> my honorable friends will recognize the reason it was in the school screen paper, and it was important to enable more and record government investment. with the prime minister agree the economic success, these should not just speed up traffic and ease congestion but unlock more in the rise in productivity. >> i'm happy to recognize the excellent economy we see across the country. my honorable friend made an important point that the
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government understands and accepts for infrastructure. wee prime minister refused to make public a report on the foreign funding of extremists in the uk despite pressure from all sides of this house and beyond. would survivors of 9/11 last night also urging her last night the make this report available, will she explain her if her refusal is simply because the contents of the report will embarrass the government's friends in saudi arabia or is it because ministers care rather more about arm sales to riyadh than they do about public safety? >> it has absolutely nothing to do with that. there is certain confidential information in the report that means it would not be appropriate to publish it, but my right honorable friend the home secretary has made it available on a privy council basis to opposition parties. >> rebecca powell. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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mr. speaker, for the stronger economy that the prime minister has sowell kwently outlined this morning, you need look no further than torts indeed. it is a right -- it is a national picture with record house building, record employment and record government investment in roads. 8358, in junk 25. would the prime minister agree with me that to further fuel the economic success this government is able to see these key road projects should not just speed up traffic and ease conjunction but unlock more jobs, further fuelling the rise in productivity? >> well, i'm very happy to recognize taunt indeed as a microcosm of the excellent economy we see across the country. my honorable friend made an important point, and a point the government readily understands and accepts, the importance of investing in infrastructure in order to boost our economy.
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that's with in the autumn statement last year my right honorable friend the chancellor of the exchequer was able to announce the pounds in the investment infrastructure. a considerable amount will be in infrastructure. we recognize the importance of not just large scale transportation, like the expansion of heathrow, but also of investment in projects at a more local level if we're going to unlock further economic growth in areas like taunton beach. >> thank you, mr. speaker. without legal powers from criteria or cool of parliament open, they're once again consulting on the closure of the hospital and building of a new 400 million pound hospital in belmont. after five consultation over 18 years, wasting 40 million pounds of taxpayers' money, isn't it time for the prime minister to step in and put a stop to it and allow this important hospital to get on with the day job?
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>> thank you, to the honorable lady. i understand some in the trust are indeed seeking views on future specialist care at the trust and how the existing buildings can be improved. i understand these discussions are at an early stage. no final decisions have been made, and any proposal to make a service change will be subject to a full public consultation. >> mr. speaker, not only has the institute for fiscal studies said we have the lowest income gaps for a decade, but the national statistics also said that britain has some of the lowest levels of persistent poverty in all of europe. does my right honorable friend agree it is right that this country is governed by the true facts and not the fake news, and that this government is committed to building a strong economy for all? >> well, can i -- can i start by
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welcoming my honorable friend to her place in this chamber. can i say she is absolutely right. we owe it to our constituents, we owe it to the public that we actually ensure that when we debate these issues, we debate them on the basis of the facts and not on the sort of basis of the sort of fake news we hear all too often being put forward in this chamber. >> finally, jack dramey. >> mr. speaker, late night children's center is a life line for often struggling kids and their parents in one of the poorest wards in britain, giving them the best possible start in life. yet lake side and 26 children's centers now face closure in birmingham. does the prime minister understand -- understand that the consequences of her actions, 700 million pounds of cuts to the city council's budget, is having devastating impact on the provision of children's centers, and will she act properly to fund and


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